The naughty boy got lost and looked around.

She has a book under her arm.

I've had better days.

The new method has already found proponents in many countries.

I met them.

What are you good at?

Who was the woman you were talking to?

Mahmoud had to stay home.

No cultural background is necessary to understand art.

Calvin still can't get Sanche out of his head.

The children wanted to go out.

He went home yesterday.

Anglo-Saxon was to Norman as hen-pecked to uxorious.

I tried to call her back.

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My travel fees to Japan are paid for by the university.

It has been said that a man at ten is an animal, at twenty a lunatic, at thirty a failure, at forty a fraud, and at fifty a criminal.

I just wanted you to see it.

Last year, there was much snow.

Raanan has enough problems the way it is.

His bad behavior is a reflection on his common sense.

What is your favourite convenience store chain?

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They had to meet Jacques.


Rome is always too far away.

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She is a beaver.

Michel used to hang out with Penny and John.

Blaine seems to hate me.

Sehyo is good at tennis.

Were you at the concert?

Surya arrived after Ralph had left.

I didn't look at her.


I wish she could sing as well as you.


I wasn't expecting that at all.


Will it be fine weather tomorrow?

She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won't be able to pay it back.

The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac come from eleven types of animals we find in nature: the rat, the ox, the tiger, the hare, the snake, the horse, the ram, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, the pig, and the mythological dragon; they're used as a calendar.


My French is limited.

Mitch said he needed to split up with Antonio for a while, so he could sort himself out.

He said, that the slavic mythology wasn't such a consistent system like greek or roman mythology.


She lives two doors down.


No one does this job better than Ofer.

There are people who don't like to go to bed early.

There are enough seats for everyone.

I still can't believe it happened.

I warmed myself at the fire.

Now, I have some work to do.

Yoshio helped me lift the box up.

It could be objective.

You're a philosopher, aren't you?

Can we ask you a few questions?

Maybe Susumu and Sofoklis aren't so different.


This bus is going to Minsk.

We study English at school.

Liz is excited about the upcoming game.

I always speak French with them.

Radek thinks there's a good possibility that Sarah will agree to babysit the children on Friday night.


"What's Susumu doing now?" "You don't want to know."


I don't like that at all.


Roxie put off his wedding because of a traffic accident.

I have a dim memory of my grandmother.

Mike came back from the library at five.


I saw a beautiful bird.

I had a meal.

You enjoy reading novels, don't you?

The conclusion may seem trivial: Esperanto exists.

Lynn and Kuldip looked at themselves in the mirror.

Jinchao will do that.

I saw a flock of sheep.

They should teach this in schools.

We'll leave without him.

Can you come into my office, please?

Your problems are similar to mine.

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Francois is dancing with Margot.

Where do you think I should start?

When the ball was dead, Luis ran up to the ball and booted it.

An aging population will require more spending on health care.

You should imitate his behavior.

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She asked the same question of everyone in turn.


Even a clock that is stopped shows the correct time twice a day.

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Are you proposing, knowing that this won't be my first marriage?


He may as well confess his crimes.

Morgan gets off on that kind of thing.

You're responsible for books you take out of the library.


You have no manners.

I don't want you to tell them.

Faith can move mountains.

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Can you make Tollefsen smile?


Randy abandoned his wife and children.

I don't even remember it.

I'm seriously annoyed with Plastic.

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I wanted to hire a coach.

Don't say anything about what happened here.

If you mix all three colors, you will get black.


It was hard for me to say goodbye.


I wonder what Blayne will be doing tomorrow afternoon.

I'd like to spend some time with Liber.

Opinions are divided on the issue of taxes.


I'm not here to buy anything.


You have not seen it.

Who did you learn it from?

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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Lori sounds worried.


Vistlik always has trouble sleeping the night before a big exam.

The magazine Look is no longer being published.

In addition to a blocked nose, I'm also suffering from a high temperature.


You're desperate.


I'm never going to figure this out.


When I met my former teacher, he inquired after my parents.


Stop smoking. You're addicted.


Lori did nothing but lie in bed all day.


There are huge snakes on this island.

To get his own business off the ground, he linked up with a few more solid companies.

Let's tip a few tonight.


To help ensure accident-free operation, follow these guidelines.

The equations are very complicated.

Can you please stop singing?

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Twitter is a good example of absurdity.

There are a lot of Chinese tourists around here.

Did you put on sunscreen?

The lost chance will never come again.

We have to prevent such an accident from happening again.

Daren doesn't like me.

Andrew knocked on the closed door.

We are not made for each other.

I wonder what Kamiya is planning to do.

This day, my greatest wish was realized.

Google did not return any useful results.

I expected more from you.

The darkness will work to my advantage.

I will look into the matter.

Jisheng was eating popcorn out of a large bowl.


What did I get?

He asked for a glass of water.

Darling, why don't you watch a little television while I slip into something more comfortable.

We really thank you for your patronage.

I heard that Tracey attempted suicide.


If you alter the plan, you must inform the team members of the changes.

I'm sorry for the short deadline.

Let's hear it.

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Start with books that you can easily understand.


Annard doesn't need to worry about Hugh.

Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

Let's see if we can speed up the process a little.

Do you mean you don't know?

What secret grief is troubling you?


He is full of ambition.

Don't give in.

When I got up, Mike had already left.

Tell me what you're thinking about.

I have no intention of meddling in your affairs.

These shelves cannot support so many books.

You seem busy.

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He made a motion that we stop and rest awhile.

They're having extreme money problems.

I'm almost done. Just give me a minute.

I still need some help.

How many stars are visible with the naked eye from earth?